November 15, 2017
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December 9, 2017


RWCiD (Rescue Water Craft inflatable Device) PWC RESCUE SLED

Product Specifications

RWCiD PRO MODEL = 73 inches x 42 inches x 4 inches and approximately 24 lbs. (185cm x 107 cm x 10 cm and approximately 11kg) 8 Handles, 3 Stainless D Rings for Tow Points RWCiD MEGA MODEL= 7.5ft x43 inches x4 inches and approximately 35 lbs. (2.29 Meter x 109cm x 10cm and approximately 16kg) 11 Handles, 3 Stainless D Rings for Tow Points, 2 Stainless D Rings for lanyards.


Improved design over previous inflatable sleds on the market.
• Includes storage bag, hand pump with pressure gauge for quick inflation.
• Heavy-duty PVC Drop Stitch Main Bladder, Entire Surface Double Coated with Second Color Coat Reinforced PVC, with 3rd Layer on Rails and Transom Wear Area.
• UV resistant coatings.
• Seams are Chemically Solvent Welded and provide a better bond than heat welded seams that cause microscopic fracturing of the plastic coatings and cause leaks at fold creases while deflated and stored, or in locations of constant surface rubbing or impact.
• Rigid and stable under normal operating conditions, with enough flex to absorb swell energy to provide a comfortable, yet stable ride.
• Famous, Exclusive and Patented Extractor Signature Molded/Nylon Webbing Hand Grips, as used on all Extractor product, are sewn and integrated with pvc material and glued to the sled surface in ergonomic locations, providing a very secure point to hold while riding the sled, or assist in boarding the deck .
• Heavy-duty stainless steel D Ring attachment points at nose for main connection.
• Stainless D Ring attachments at tail for lanyard options.
• Molded rubber bumper incorporated at nose to prevent wear on sled.
• OPTIONAL: Reflective Tape sewn into pvc on deck and rails to provide visibility in low light situations.
• Grooved pvc pad on deck to provide traction while riding sled (1-3 Person Sleds)
• Diamond Pattern PVC coated Anti-Slip Deck Fabric on 5-10 Person Sleds
• Automatic pressure relief valve incorporated to prevent seam blowout from over inflation or from gas expansion due to heat. Pressure relief valve opens at max pressure and automatically closes at normal operating pressure range.
• Halkey Roberts Inflation/Deflation Valve
• Length and outline designed for maximum capacity, stability and tracking in the pwc wake.
• Concave cut out tail section helps center people while boarding sled deck, optimizing rescue response times.
• Stiff and stable in all water conditions under proper inflation pressures. Lighter, softer, and safer compared to heavy Extractor Rotomolded Polyethylene Hull Sleds or competitor PE foam core type sleds.
• All rigging and hardware included with each sled.
• Typical Rescue Colors are Yellow with Red Handles ( Grey with Black or Red Handles Optional)

Attachment Configurations


Basic 3 Point Connection Hardware.