November 15, 2017
PRO MODEL- END OF SUMMER SEASON SALE $1100 (Normally)$1500- 3 Left at this price Color Red and Black
November 15, 2017

RIVERx/Ice Rescue Board – SALE!!! Just in time for winter! Offered at dealer rates $450 Board Price(Normally $695)/ $100 Removable Ice Rail Kit. 7 left at these prices!

The best option in small, swift water and ice rescue and recreational flotation devices. The RIVERx board features improves function, durability and affordability over other existing products used today.

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RIVERx RESCUE BOARD *(Not to be trailered or attached to a Jet Ski, Wave Runner, or other personal watercraft)

$695 Board
$100 Ice Rail Kit

ALL Season, ice rescue/swift water flotation device.

The RIVERx board’s features simplify, improve function, increase durability and affordability over other existing products used today. The durable molded HDPE plastic hull is the most practical and durable option for rescue professionals and requires the least amount of maintenance and repair over products made from inflatable materials, bodyboard PE,PP Foams, or fiberglass composite construction.

Ice Rescues
River flotation and personal protection from debris-
River Rescue
Ferry Angles/Tensioned Diagonals, Tyrolian Traverses
Swift Water Rescue

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 55″ x 24″ x 6″ (140cm x 61 cm x 15cm ) at thickest point,
Weight : 18lbs (8.2kg) and ( 22 lbs (10kg) with ice rails mounted)
Approximate Buoyancy: 120 lbs (54kg) without ice rails mounted and 117lbs (53kg) with ice rails mounted
Materials: Rotomolded Superlinear Polyethylene – Hollow Core with vent/drain plug
Color: Yellow with Red or Black Hand Grips
Deck Pad: Black 3/8″ thick comfortable pvc with texture for traction.



  • dished deck with forearm/ elbow wells
  • sturdy flexible handgrips for multiple persons or for body positioning through holes for rope use in performing ferry angles and ice rescues and securing ice picks
  • Additionally, the board length provides extra flotation and torso to mid-thigh rock and debris protection, not available in traditional bodyboards.
  • Not featured in any other swift water/ice rescue board (hydrospeed or sledge) on the market, is the bottom rocker, deep channels and reverse chines. These are important features, which enable the rider to direct and carve turns in the current while swim kicking, Without them, the rider has more difficulty maneuvering the board where he/she wants it to go, towards eddies in the current or river banks, and a great deal of side skipping is experienced. A flat bottomed board has a tendency to pearl or nose dive in currents.
  • The RIVERx is a very secure platform to ride on, even while wearing a bulky pfd.
  •  Fits in standard Fire Truck compartments, inside rear door of Emergency Response Vans.

This is an advancement in technology, simplicity, function and cost over existing products such as the Carlson Board, Inflatable River Boards, and MARSARS Ice Rescue boards, ICE RESCUE SLED.

It is superior to the Chinese-made inflatable knock-offs which stole this design in the process.