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November 13, 2017

Extractor PWC Utility Sled

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The new Extractor PWC Utility Sled is made for true Outdoorsman Adventure. If you have a superyacht, resort or dive tour, surf camp with pwcs, you need one of these! If you are into Kiteboarding, Foilboarding, surfing remote breaks, you need this to haul your gear.  If you are an avid fisherman or spearo, this is perfect.  If you are into snorkeling shallow reefs or relaxing on secluded beaches, this will get you and all your necessities there quickly and efficiently.  Thoroughly tested in extreme open ocean environments, with victory at sea conditions, 40 miles offshore, fully loaded with 600lbs worth of fishing/dive gear, surfboards, extra fuel, food, etc, this sled is your ticket to adventure!.


Product Specifications

Extractor Conquest Specifications:

Length: 12ft

  • Width: 54 In. at widest point
  • Max Thickness: 16 in.
  • Weight:
    • Approx without rear wall installed 234 lb (106kg
    • With rear wall installed (open basin configuration) 271 lb (123kG)
    • With all hatches installed  330 lb (150kg)
  •  Capacity (Buoyancy):  Can accommodate 1124 lbs. -Although hauling this amount with your pwc is not recommended


Extractor PWC Utility Sled Hull Construction:

  • Molded Polyethylene Hull with Brass Threaded Inserts throughout.  Urethane Foam Filled, WILL NOT SINK
  • Aluminum Cargo Restraint Tracks
  • EVA foam traction on deck and basin surfaces
  • Deck handgrips.
  • Vent/Drain Plugs
  • Heavy Duty Patented PWC/Sled Connection: Stainless Steel Fabricated Bracket mount and bi-directional hinge assembly allows for smooth towing as one unit. A Stainless Pin quickly connects/disconnects the A-Arm to/from the receiver bracket. Two Sets of Bungees on each side provide stability and help re-center the sled, providing better control.

Additional Features/Accessories:

  • Surfboard Racks
  • Bait Tanks
  • Speargun and Fishing Rod Holders
  • Drybags
  • Built-In Cooler Storage
  • Drop-In Fuel Tanks
  • and more..

Check out the Gallery for videos and photos of this NEW EXTRACTOR PWC UTILITY SLED