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Package Deal! Extractor RIVERx All-Season Rescue Board, Ice Rails, Ice Picks, Webbing and Stainless Ring $925!

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High quality Extractor PRO and Mega model Personal Watercraft Rescue Sleds- made to order

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Over 10 years of development have gone into the design of the Extractor Waterman PWC Utility Sled. Thirty Years of experience and knowledge using our personal watercraft rescue sleds in the most extreme water environments, taking on the challenge to constantly improve the product by incorporating feedback and input from rescue professionals, military special forces, the most knowledgable, highly-skilled watermen, and through use of the best materials available to maximize durability and function at an affordable cost, we are pleased to announce this new product that will change the face of the personal watercraft world! Until now, the standard pwc rescue sled had been used as a floating platform to transport extra gear that would not fit on Yamaha Wave Runners, Bombardier Sea Doos or Kawasaki Jet Skis, such as: surfboards, fish and kill bags. These sleds are limited on size, flotation, capacity and application. The Extractor Waterman PWC Utility Sled has been designed to function well with personal water craft in dynamic water and open ocean environments, incorporating a revision of our patented hitch and sled hull design. It's size and flotation capacity can accommodate every bit of gear you can think of for your application: extra fuel, bait buckets, ice chests, dive gear and tanks, fishing rods, spear guns, dry bags full of camping gear, fish kill bags, surfboards, kiteboarding gear, foil boards, motorized surfboards, sea bobs, underwater unmanned vehicles, oceanic scientific instrumentation, and anything else you can fit and secure on deck using several cargo restraint tracks. The sloping deck makes it easier to bring things on deck from the water level, and to launch back into the water. The retractable swim step and grab handles make it a breeze to climb back up on deck when exiting the water. Contact us for more information and availability.
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Extractor RWCiD Inflatable Rescue Sled Specifications 2017
RWCiD (Rescue Water Craft inflatable Device) PWC RESCUE SLEDs. Pro and Mega Model sizes.
Extractor Rescue Rope Reels Specifications
Extractor offers rope rescue reel packages to compliment our RIVERx Ice/Water Rescue boards.
Extractor Rescue Rope Reels
Extractor Ice Picks Specifications
Extractor makes custom, heavy duty MX Grip Style Ice picks to compliment our RIVERx Ice/Water Rescue boards. Ice picks, fit securely in forward through holes on the board. They come with Lanyards that mount to the boards.
Extractor Ice Picks
RIVERx Specifications
The new generation in small, swift water rescue and recreational flotation devices, the RIVERx board features improves function, durability and affordability over other existing products used today.
Extractor Pro Specifications
The Extractor PRO model has been an industry standard for quick rescue pick ups in the surfline, rivers and other near shore situations for the past 20 years. This model, due to its size and weight, is designed for use with pwcs where a single rescue operator is available to operate the pwc, or may be used in situations where a rescue swimmer is used to assist the victim.
Extractor Mega Specifications
The Extractor Mega model is recommended for three seater pwcs where more room is needed for passengers; for SCUBA; for spearfishing; for tow boards; or for hauling lots of equipment.


  • " Aloha, I prefer the Extractor rescue sleds because its durability and its stability while on the way. As you drive the rescue boat with sled attached you will discover the sled creates the most steady and control able craft. The sled stabilizes the victim and the boat to a perfection glide, and while maneuvering the craft. Alfredo Villas Bias- retired ocean safety officer- Jaws pioneer Tow/paddle surf- Maui, Hawaii
    Alfredo Villas Boas
  • "What can I say, out of all the companies I emailed in August of 2013 to inquire about a demo sled to use for the Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships, Dan was the only one to respond personally and offer up last minute help. All the other companies said it was to last minute or had a scripted response referring me to their sales site. He blew me away with instantly offering up his prototype and leaving it with me for nearly a month for me and my guards to play with and get a handle on using it to give him feedback on the prototype. The next summer I was so happy with the sled, I decided to buy his prototype, when it came time to ship, he sent me a brand new one instead. I use it for setting course's for open water swims in Halifax Harbour, setting Lifesaving Courses for competitions in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and as a safety tool to have with me on the water when I am training the Guardians Lifesaving club Nipper and Groms (8-15 year olds). I have even loaded the sled up and used it for transporting gear for camping to secluded beaches. All my lifeguards, nippers and groms love getting bounced around on it and picked up in surf. The RWC I.D. sled is so fantastic for quick set up and easy transportation. it is robust, and easy to pack and unpack. Thank you for an amazing product and such personal service.