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Extractor makes custom, heavy duty MX Grip Style Ice picks to compliment our RIVERx Ice/Water Rescue boards. Ice picks, fit securely in forward through holes on the board. They come with Lanyards that mount to the boards.

Machined from 7/8 inch diameter delrin, they are strong and durable Pick is made from corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel 1/4 inch diameter dowel pins, turned down to a fine point. Dual Ply MX hand grips provide a secure and firm grip

O-ring gaskets around the delrin help secure the ice pick to the through holes on the rails of the boards. coiled urethane lanyards with double swivels made of brass are corrosion resistant and prevent tangling. Lanyards mount to the board and the hand grip portion of the ice pick to prevent loss during use.

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