Extractor has been making pwc rescue and utility sleds since 1991. We were the "Original" patented sled (US Utility Patent 5,354,222).

Extractor is the ultimate pwc sled! Made by the innovators of the original patented personal watercraft rescue sled, Extractor continues to produce a product that leaves competitors in its wake!

Whether they are being used for water rescue, dive rescue, ocean lifesaving, swift water rescue, river rescue, or recreational applications in tow-in surfing, big wave riding events, or reef exploration by scuba divers, these sleds offer advantages that other sleds on the market only dream of having.

Over more than 20 years, we have and continue to adapt the product to current applications, using recycled and recycleable materials that are the most durable, highest performing, and most environmentally friendly.

Every sled manufacturer claims to be the best. We let the customer decide that. Most customers see the difference after noticing their Extractor sleds last 2-3x longer than the other sleds on the market. They see it in the noticable design differences. They notice the difference in our ability to modify or custom make products and accessories for their particular application and make changes as necessary until it works for them (normally without additional costs above original quotation). With other sled manufacturers, you are limited to what they offer, based on the materials they are familiar with or limited to using.

Extractor is the ONLY sled with a warranty FOR LIFE, from manufacturer defects, or from failure of hull components at the hardpoints. With 30 years of living, experiencing, using, and manufacturing products used in marine and surf environments, as well as the technologically advanced aerospace market, we continue to provide the best products available to the customer, with an unmatched customer service policy, and a competitive price.

This is why military special forces, coast guard, fire departments, lifeguards and top watermen from around the planet are our returning customers and choose to use Extractor Sleds.